About Us

Island Bins is your local skip bin hire business, and we pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction.

Having been a long time operation, the procedures and practices we have in place are second to none, and is why Island Bins has a perfect safety record.

About Us

Our business, Island Bins, here in Hobart, is all about removing waste material from your environment to the most appropriate local disposal site in the most efficient, effective and professional manner possible.

Our key objectives are:

  • First and foremost, to provide you, the customer, with five star service. First time, every time.
  • To provide any advice, assistance, and recommendation on the correct bin size for your job.
  • To guarantee the best value for your money possible, with advice on the most efficient method for loading your bin.
  • To work with you in every way to place the bin where you want it and to cause the very least of inconvenience to yourself or your environment.
If an error is made by us, in any way, we promise to, as quickly as possible, attend to and repair the situation to your complete satisfaction. Remember, our goal is five star service, first time, every time.
The Team,
Island Bins
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