Please read prior to ordering

Due to weight lifting limitations, all heavy material (i.e. concrete, bricks, soil, sand, rubble, roofing and floor tiles, or mixture of the above) is restricted to 2m³.

3m³ bins may be possible in consultation with the company if the above material makes up the majority of the bin content.

Any and all questions promptly addressed. Thank you.

If you have any issues ordering through the website, please give us a call on 6229 2255.

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Standard bin hire 7 days, inclusive of drop-off and pick-up days (e.g. if we drop-off on the Monday, we pick-up the following Monday).
Additional days for the:

  • 2m³, 3m³, 4m³ bins is $5 per additional day over the 7 day hire.
  • 6m³ bin is $10 per additional day over the 7 day hire.
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