Loading your Skip Bin

We are happy to allow up to six inches above the lip of the bin, however we request no higher. Any longer items that equal the length of the skip bin can be placed on top of the skip bin longitudinally (i.e. mattresses, bookcases and similar items).


This is an example of an unacceptably loaded bin.

Order Skip Bins

When loading the skip recognise we only have a net and a strap. So stacking tiles at the open back of the skip, or throwing packing foam/bean bag filler on top will result in littering on our roads.

The benefit of our system is unlike a bin with a lid; you can fit in more than you would expect as it is a flexible way to hold the load.  

However, the loading requires good judgment, and if you cannot fit everything you planned to throw away, you may need another skip from us.

Call our office in this case, and we can arrange a deal for you.

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