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Local Council Information

Below you will find some general information about waste disposal in Hobart when using our skip bin hire.

Please check with your local council regarding any additional requirements for skip bin hire in their area, for example, placing a bin on the road. 

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Hobart & Surrounding Areas

We deliver skip bins to Hobart and the Hobart City Council area every weekday in the morning. 

We can also provide service very early to suit the traffic in your area, but if you have booked in advance.

The primary consideration for residents in Hobart City is driveway access!

If your driveway is incredibly steep, very narrow, eves are low, and especially low overhead power lines, please ensure you call us so that we can check if our truck will fit!

Hobart Tip is the closest disposal tip.

If you require a street permit for your skip bin hire, visit in this Hobart Council Form.

Kingborough & Huon Valley

The local disposal site is Barretta Transfer station. Our business base of operations is in Electrona, Kingborough.

We find our customers in the Kingborough region require our large skip bins during spring and autumn, as there are many extensive gardens throughout this area.

No concrete, bricks, building rubble, sand of soil can be tipped at Barretta Transfer Station. 

These heavily weighted skips do incur an extra charge as they must be delivered to the Hobart tip.  

If you require a permit for skip bin hire on council land in Kingborough, fill in this form.

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Eastern Shore, Richmond & Sorell

We have a base situated in Risdon Vale, and we also have a base at Mornington Transfer Station. 

The majority of our waste ends up at Mornington transfer station because of its comprehensive recycling service.  

Mornington is the premier transfer station in southern Tasmania as they have long employed a comprehensive manual recycling operation for their commercial operators. 

Not only do they have a point of sale at their second-hand re-use shop, but they also ensure the re-use shop has all sorts of useful building materials from their diligent recycling.

We have quite an extensive ability to service our Eastern Shore customers throughout the day due to having such a central location.

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